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global waste program

Committed to the Circular Economy for Plastics

For us „Circular plastic solutions” is not just a slogan, it is at the heart of our entire corporate model to  accelerate the transition to a circular economy for plastics
Sustainability is the core value of our business strategies, each day we  follow our  objective to  extend the life of plastic products through re-use and recycling

Give your product a second life !

At Corplex, Our conviction is that any materials that can be recycled deserve a better place than incineration. The objective is to reduce the quantity of  waste sent to landfills and develop a more sustainable cradle to cradle approach of our plastics products.

This is our contribution to our planet’s health and we call it “Circular Plastics Solutions”.

Our Recycling Program

Corplex works hand in hand with its partners by providing a hassle free Waste Collect & Recycling Program.

As a win-win partnership with our customers, the Corplex waste take-back program will  allow you to  improve your sustainability efforts through an easily accessible, closed-loop recycling channel for your post-industrial plastics waste.

Too valuable to waste !

But did you know that recycling can also help your business save money? Reduce waste disposal fees, free up warehouse space, and maybe even get paid back for your waste.

global waste program

How does it work ?

Corplex is committed to collect your old polypropylene and polycarbonate products and wastes, to reshape and transform them into brand new recycled compounds, ready to be reused into a new product range

Quick and easy program in only 4 steps !

  1. Contact the Corplex Recycling Team… 

Contact your local sales representative with all details regarding your waste management’s needs. (material type and condition, frequency of collect, capacity..)

  1. Set up individual Waste collection program…

Corplex recycling team will outline an individualized program, and address any concern. A Corplex container can also be provided to facilitate your waste collection and storage. 

  1. Fill your container with your plastics waste and ask for a retrieval.

Once your container needs a retrieval just reach your local Corplex recycling contact. We will organize the collect directly on your site.  

  1.     Be rewarded for your sustainable action

Once the material is processed, Corplex will track the total tonnage recycled, report, and you will be rewarded for your waste.

Customer testimonials

Through 2 videos testimonials, our customers and partners share their feedbacks and the results of the Waste Recycling Program.

benefits of the program


your costs


Environmentally friendly

brand image

Improve your brand image


Build a strong partnership


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