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Correx® ESD Packaging

Correx® ESD & Anti-static packaging solutions are the optimal choice to protect your sensitive electronic products and components during transport or storage. Our expert team of packaging designers are able to meet your specific requirements by providing bespoke solutions that utilise a combination of insulating, anti-static or ESD materials such as Textile, Foam or Rigid Dunnage.

ESD Packaging

Specifications Data

Surface Resistivity (0hms) Type Example
> 10^14 Insulative Correx®
< 10^14 to > 10^11 Antistatic Correx® Antistatic
< 10^14 to > 10^5 Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) ESD Foam, ESD Textile
< 10^5 to > 10^2 Conductive Correx®