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Advantages of AkyDrive® Automotive Interior Protection

Corplex’s OEM Product Manager Explains the Advantages of AkyDrive® Automotive Interior Protection

AkyDrive is a lightweight line of protective and reinforcement OEM components designed to increase safety and reduce carbon emissions in commercial vehicles.
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Purple is the New Colour of Corplex!

After the announcement of DS Smith Plastics division being acquired by Liquibox part of Olympus Partners portfolio of companies 4 months ago, the Corplex’ sites are being rebranded to the new colours one by one.
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CEO of Corplex takes part in a Live Panel Discussion on Modern supply chain strategies

Lucas van der Schalk, CEO of Corplex has participated in a Live Panel discussion on Modern supply chain strategies : Environmentally- centric sourcing, manufacturing and logistics on September 17th. This discussion was organized by Reuters Event and shared with other Top Managers from the logistics, construction and electronics markets during a digital session. Here is a summary of Lucas’ view on sustainability and how returnable packaging can be virtuous with regards to closed loop organizations.
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corplex puy du fou

Corplex Develops New Business Opportunities with Famous Puy du Fou Theme Park

As many companies encountered a lack of business during the 2nd quarter of this year, we have met big challenges to change our business focus and adapt ourselves to the situation of the market.
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Corplex Silver scoring Ecovadis

Corplex gets a Silver scoring from Ecovadis

Ecovadis is the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings and is helping companies of all sizes and industries to benchmark and drive improvements. They have defined a model which measures seven management indicators across 21 sustainability criteria in 4 different themes that are Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement.
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reusable plastic sustainability supply chain

How does Plastic reusable packaging support sustainability and simplify retail supply chains ?

Packaging plays an important role in safely distributing products throughout today's society and supply chains. With a consumption of about 40% of plastics in Europe, the packaging sector is a large user of materials. Packaging has a lot of environmental impacts, while it also represents a significant cost in the current supply system. To overcome these challenges, reusable plastic packaging has been suggested as an option to significantly reduce environmental impacts, especially in the retail market where the legal environment is becoming more and more challenging.
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Sustainable Polypropylene Warehouse

Reusable & Sustainable Polypropylene Warehouse Picking Solutions Drive Efficiencies at E-tail Warehouses

An online retailer selects Corplex Packaging to improve warehouse efficiencies.
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transport waste lamps

Recolight Extends Use of AkyPak Containers for The Collection and Transport of Waste Lamps

Recolight, the UK’s leading collector of waste lamps, has added to its fleet of durable RB19 containers using Corplex’ returnable and reusable AkyPak containers.
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inroads aerospace industry

Corplex Make Inroads in the Aerospace Industry with a Customisable Returnable Container

A leading developer of airplane components is currently using Corplex AkyPak® reusable containers for intralogistics transportation of aeronautical components.
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German’s Freiburg Stadium now Featuring an AkyVer® Polycarbonate Skylight

“The public at the other side of the Rhine in Germany are now delighted to see the Freiburg Stadium construction finished with a most impressive skylight.” The stadium’s skyline consists of AkyVer polycarbonate energy-efficient systems made by Corplex.
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transition to a circular economy of plastics

Corplex extends its business from extrusion to recycling and confirms its transition to a circular economy of plastics

GeboPlast a French recycling company has officially been acquired by Corplex on 1st January 2021. This allows Corplex to add a new recycling business to its portfolio, thus completing the virtuous cycle of plastics towards circular economy.
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rugby stadium Akyver clip-on systems

Rugby stadium in Aix en Provence revamped with Akyver Panel 40 clip-on systems

Corplex has recently been selected to supply AkyVer polycarbonate panels for the refurbishment of a rugby stadium in the South of France.
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