AkyPak® Storage Bins

AkyPak® Storage Bins can be used as Pick Bins, Totes and Storage Units.

Storage bins with different capacities can be stacked on top of each other and easily rearranged as needed.

Feature & Benefits:

  • Lightweight: ease of use complies with manual handling regulations, mobile
  • Durable and resistant: lasts longer than fibre board cases, resistant to moisture, oils, grease and many other chemicals
  • Hygienic: washable and will not rot or corrode
  • Waterproof: Our products can be made watertight for use on lower levels
  • Cost-effective: Our products are re-useable, cutting costs on cardboard boxes
  • Dynamic cell sizes
  • Printable surface: available in a wide range of colours and can be easily printed with logos which enhances brand awareness.
  • Environmentally friendly: Since our products are reusable they reduce waste
  • Recyclable: minimal ecological impact
  • Made with Correx® or AkyLux® polypropylene twinwall sheets

Corrugated Plastic Converted Products Range

Types of Storage Bins:

  • Drop Front Open- with or without dividers
  • Stackable Storage Bins
  • Single Unit Multiple Trays

Modular Picking Bins

Picking Bins give storage areas a professional & organized look. They also improve the efficiency of the warehouse space. Our Correx & Akylux corrugated plastic modular picking bins are strong, durable and has a long lifespan.

Bins with different capacities can be stacked on top of each other and easily rearranged as needed. Combined with their lightweight construction, this offers an amazingly simple, yet versatile picking solution for warehouses of any size.

Drawers & Shelving Units

Our Correx® and Akylux® drawers and shelving units can be customised to fit your needs. These units are ideal to help optimise warehouse space, without investing in conventional racking. 

Racking Units

Our racking units are a lightweight, dynamic alternative to traditional racking systems.
Used on their own they provide a bright, attractive warehousing solution with adjustable pick faces.
When used with existing racking they provide an efficient, collapsible, temporary solution for busy periods.

Stacking boxes & Nesting Trays

Correx corrugated plastic stackable trays and boxes  are durable and lightweight. The Correx material is reusable and very hard wearing. Customised designs are available on request.

Split Lid (SL) Tote 

The SL Tote is a strong, lightweight, reusable transit container. The integrated lid neatly secures in the open position for easy loading/unloading.
An optional tamper evident closure can be included for use with external couriers and handlers. When not in use the container can fold flat for easy storage.

Recycling Solutions

Our range of recycling products is designed to make recycling simple & convenient.
Correx® is bright and available in attractive colours so our products stand out, and look inviting, making the collection and separation of waste easier.
The durable nature of Correx® means these products are easily cleaned, long-lasting, and it's 100% recyclable. 

Point of Sale Solutions

Vibrant colours, eye-catching print, and a long lifespan are just a few of the reasons for choosing Correx® for your next POS solution.
Our products offer an unparalleled level of durability and customisation for the most demanding of retail spaces, uniquely crafted around your needs and brand.

Ballot Box

Using a secure design feature, the Correx® & Akylux® ballot box is ideal for the secure collection of ballot papers. Made from corrugated plastic, this ballot box is reusable, durable and 100% recyclable.

Garment Carrier

Our Correx® and Akylux® garment carrier is designed to transport garments safely using a unique rail system. The corrugated plastic material makes this product durable and re-useable, which is great for the fashion & retail industries. The carrier can easily be folded flat for storage when it is not being used.