AkyPak® Reusable & Foldable Containers

Three piece foldable containers (FLC) are cost-effective Reusable Transit Packaging (RTP) solutions for various markets.

Our AkyPak® 3 piece foldable containers fit perfectly with your Supply Cycle logistics’ needs. Guaranteed durability and modularity while being reusable and offering zero waste.

Corplex specialises in cost-effective Reusable Transit Packaging (RTP) solutions for multiple markets and varied end user customers.

Our supply cycle approach ensures that manufacturers can combine efficient, clean and safe manufacturing with optimised distribution and replenishment, to ensure the products are always available and fit for purpose, leading to increased customer satisfaction and sales.

The lids and pallets of our containers are produced using HDPE twin sheet thermoforming. Sleeves are fully adaptable to match the container or the desired strength.  Our products are broken into optimised returns to help reduce logistic costs, unit returns for simple container handling and improved ergonomics for the ease of use.

AkyPak® is the ideal solution to meet the challenges of individualised and efficient logistics.

View our Range:

AkyPak® Classic

AkyPak® Classic

Fully Optimised Logistics

  • Containers can be returned in 3 separate elements
  • Light single skin solution

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AkyPak® Advanced

AkyPak® Advanced

Efficiency through Simplified Management

  • Containers can be returned in complete sets
  • Modularity Containers may be combined
  • Reinforced Alternative to metal containers

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