Akylux® Twin Wall Polypropylene Sheets

Lightweight and rigid fluted structure twin wall polypropylene sheets for advertising materials or to be converted as packaging.

Akylux fluted structure twin wall corrugated plastic sheets are lightweight and durable making this an ideal solution for POS displays, signs, merchandising displays, and packaging. Corrugated polypropylene sheets are fully recyclable at the end of their useful life. 

Technical Characteristics

Thickness: 2 to 14 mm
Grammage: 250 to 3 000 g/m²
Format: length: min. 500 mm ; width: max. 3 000 mm.
•Delivery in sheets or rolls

Colours: translucent, white, black, blue, grey, yellow, green (other colours upon request)

Optional treatmentsanti-UV, antistatic, flame-retardant classification, ESD Corona, sterlisable (others upon request

Examples of applications: Reusable packaging, one-way packaging, cross braces, fittings, layer pads for glass products, structural work, etc.