Akyplen® Solid Polypropylene Sheet

Easy to print and convert polypropylene sheets for packaging.

Our Akyplen solid polypropylene sheets  are a tough material that does not break or tear. It is chemical resistant and 100% recyclable. Akyplen Sheets are easy to print on and easily convertible making this product ideal for graphics, displays, and packaging. It comes in many different finishes like sand, satin, and gloss.

Polypropylene for Packaging useAkyplen┬« is a flexible and very tough material suited to a wide range of conversion and assembly techniques such as cutting, creasing, gluing,  hot or cold folding, welded, sewn, screwed, riveted, glued and stapled. This creates a custom, durable packaging for your product needs.


  • Packaging for luxury products
  • Printing
  • Office supplies: files, folders, and other boxes
  • Dividers and separators for sensitive products
  • Layer pads for palletization for cans and glass bottles
  • Lamps production
  • OEM steel coils
  • Others industrial uses

Technical Specifications

> Akyplen┬«  Rigid 0.5mm