Akyver® Panel Clip-On Systems

An energy efficient option with exceptional thermal insulation properties and natural light.

Akyver® Panel Clip-On System

Our Akyver Panel Clip-On Systems are ideal for new cladding, sheds and renovations of all types of industrial and tertiary architectural projects. The clip-on panels have high transparency properties allowing for natural light to come in while mastering the heat and exceptional thermal insulation making it an energy efficient option.

We offer a complete range of aluminum profiles and accessories for a quick, easy, cost effective and professional looking installation.

Available kits

Name                                                                        Thickness (mm) #walls/kit Advantages
Akyver Panel 40         40 3 High transparency (LT 72%)
Akyver Panel 40 40 8  

Excellent load capacity (up to 2.4m)

High performance thermal insulation    (Ug = 0,98 w/m2.K)

Akyver Panel 50 50 10

High performance thermal insulation (Ug = 0.8w/m².K)

Excellent Load Capacity

Features and Benefits:

  • High transparency properties provide natural light
  • High performance thermal insulation 
  • Complete range of aluminum hardware for professional looking installation
  • Quick, easy and cost-effective installation