Polycorbonate Akyver Connect

AkyVer® Connect Systems

High-performance thermal insulation quick-connect fitting system offering quick and easy installation.

AkyVer Connect®  Systems

Systems are ideal for new roofing or cladding and for all types of architectural renovation projects. Applications include roofing of sport halls, schools, offices, industrial shops, warehouses and more.

Our complete range of  aluminum profiles and accessories allows fast and professional fitting.

Available kits

Name                                                                   Thickness (mm) # walls/kitSpecifications
Akyver Connect® 16  16 6 The most insulating 16 mm under technical approval
Akyver Connect® 25  25 6 High performance thermal insulation (1,4 W/m2.°C)
Akyver Connect® 40                 40 7

Record thermal insulation(1,04 W/m2.°C)

Excellent span up to 3,2 m

   (All panels come in clear or opal colour)


Features and benefits include:

  • Bendable properties
  • Wide range of colours
  • Two-colour effects on request
  • High performance thermal insulation
  • Fitting systems avoid penetration of thermal break during installation