Beverage layer pads make your palletisation easy

Cost effective and reusable solution for keeping objects; such as cans, glass and PET bottles; secure during transit.

Our extruded polypropylene beverage layer pads come in both solid (AkyPlen®) and twin wall (AkyLux® and Correx®) polypropylene sheets.

Using 4-colour screen printing, they are easily branded, thus allowing you to enhance your brand equity and image. All layer pads come with welded edges which makes cleaning simple, effective and reduces contamination risks.

Product Features:

  • Extruded polypropylene layer pads are durable, tear-resistant, and can be reused for up to 50 cycles, making them a cost-effective solution.
  • Reduces damage rate of products during transit.
  • Customisable with your brand image using our 4-colour screen printing service.
  • Sealed edges create a completely hygienic solution and make cleaning simple.
  • Resistant to moisture, oils, and chemicals.
  • Made of polypropylene, plastics layer pads are 100% recyclable and supports your environmental action plan.

Twin-Wall Extruded Polypropylene Layer Pads

In addition to the features above, our twin-wall extruded polypropylene layer pads are custom designed with the appropriate thickness and is pre-formed to the shape of your product.

Also known as Locator Boards, theses pads provide extra protection by holding the product in place during transit.