Flexible Fabric Dividers and Dunnage Solutions

Provide effective and lasting protection for fragile parts, painted parts and parts that are susceptible to scratching during transport

Fabric or textile Dunnage can be adapted to small, medium and large bulk containers. They are designed to keep parts separated, to prevent contact and to optimize load or the quantity of products being transported. In addition, they enable the protection of oversize and irregular-shaped parts, that cannot fit into regular sized pockets or compartments.

Fabric Dunnage offers you 3 main benefits:

  • Protective and functional packaging: Optimum protection for all types of parts, ergonomics, modularity and material handling efficiencies.
  • Economical packaging: Fabric or textile is reusable throughout the life cycle of outer packaging, products. They enable load optimization and savings in logistics and transportation.
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging: Long term cleanliness of the fittings and recycling is easy at the end of the service life.

Fittings for small containers made of polypropylene

Fabric Dunnage for Small Containers

Fabric Dunnage work well with small containers and we offer many options that can effectively be used to safely transport a variety of products. Options to choose from include:

  • PP non-woven pockets or compartments designed to hold one part.
  • Suspended pocket systems, preventing contact between parts and the bottom of the tray or container.
  • A series of multiple flexible partitions allowing products to be separated while maintaining and adjusting insertions to optimise the quantities transported.
  • Partitions allowing the nesting of back to back parts.
  • Partitions for oversize and irregular parts.

Polypropylene bulk container with fittingsFabric Dunnage for Large Containers

Non-woven fabric dunnage is used as well to protect products being transported in large bulk containers. These flexible dunnage are reusable, recyclable and can drastically reduce product damage and waste.  

Options for Large Containers:

  • Rigid, raw or coated non-woven PP divider.
  • Vertical separators comprised of cells for holding down parts

custom fittings for packaging

Fit to Form Fabric Dunnage

Thanks to the flexibility of the material, fabric dunnage is an economical solution that fit specific forms of components.

We offer a variety of flexible dunnage solutions such as:

  • Flexible fabric dunnage solutions requiring specific shapes that cannot be packed in regular size boxes, or stored in bulk containers without additional protection to prevent movement and damage of transported parts.
  • Covers used to protect parts, particularly front and rear bumper protective mouldings.
  • Vertical cell separators.