AkyPrint® Polypropylene Plastic Printing Material

Polypropylene sheets that are a lightweight, durable and high-performance surface for quality screen or digital printing.

AkyPrint® polypropylene printing materials offer a durable bubble structured core with a sanded printing surface, which is excellent for high quality single or two-sided printing. The bubble structured polypropylene sheets are resistant to weather, chemical, oil and surface scratches, making it usable for both indoor and outdoor applications such as billboards, trade show displays, directional signage and much more.

Types of AkyPrint

AkyPrint® Smooth - (original AkyPrint) A consistent and smooth printing surface for high quality double-sided printing applications such as portable exhibit stands, premium packaging and permanent and semi-permanent displays.

  • Available in 3.3mm/900gsm to 9.6mm/2600gsm
  • Color: white (standard). Other colors are available upon request
  • Standard anti-UV treatment

 AkyPrint® Lite - (AkyLite) A flat, uniform and smooth printing surface for high-impact and quality single-sided graphics.

  • Available in 2.5mm/450gsm or 2.9 mm/600gsm
  • Color: white (standard). Other colors are available upon request
  • Optional anti-UV treatment

AkyPrint® Black – Black polypropylene printing sheets designed for the brand-new HP Latex R2000 printer with white ink. This innovative black printing material is perfect for high contrast, striking imagery.

AkyPrint® 3R - (AkyLite) Returnable, recyclable and reusable polyproyplene printing material for short-term outdoor signs. 

 Other Printing Surfaces Available:



AkyPlen solid polypropylene sheets are a very flexible and easily printable material that offers solutions for all designs utilising screen printing, offset printing, inkjet printing or hot film blocking.

Our sheets are available in various sizes, colors and thicknesses, allowing you to customize this product to suit your graphic and display needs.

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AkyPlac®/ Correx

AkyPlac®/ Correx

AkyPlac® polypropylene printing materials offer a white, opaque outer surface for double-sided printing. AkyPlac® fluted twinwall polypropylene sheets have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of flexography, screen printing, digital printing and film lamination applications. Weatherproof, chemical and oil resistant, this material is the optimal solution for your signs, advertising media, POS displays and promotional items. 

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