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In these days of large, technical, Stadiums and Arenas it is vital for facilities to generate additional revenue by holding events that are not their usual use. Plastic tiles are the ideal solution to create a temporary floor that protects valuable playing surfaces while these special events take place. Twin sheet thermoforming creates a product that is very strong – in fact it is strong enough to drive forklifts and cherry pickers on, but is still lightweight.

At Corplex Wormhout site, we have a long-standing business relationship with the world’s leading turf protection company, Terraplas, based in the UK, for whom we have produced two versions of their high-quality protection tiles for around 20 years.

The challenge

Terraplas, now part of the USA based Justrite Safety Group, was established in 1990 and created the world’s first true turf protection system, that allowed stadiums like Wembley to have large concerts on their football pitch without damaging the grass. 30 years later Terraplas still leads the market in this ever-changing technical market.

To enhance their product range, Terraplas’ Chairman, Robert Else, approached the management of DS Smith over 20 years ago, to produce a 2m x 2m tile for use on top of ice rinks.  The idea was to produce a highly insulated product that would allow those venues to take advantage of non-ice special events.

Our solution

Twin-sheet thermoformed plastic is a great alternative to other solutions as this manufacturing process makes the product very strong whilst keeping it lightweight. It also allows for the void to be filled with foamed polyurethane to create extremely effective insulation for use on ice rinks.

  • Strength is key in supporting the weight above the tile during events where a high volume of traffic is needed.  At the same time, the tiles have to protect the surface underneath so that it is not damaged during use for special events.
  • Lightweight allows ease of use for transporting the tiles and installing them on-site.
  • Insulation is pumped into the void of the ice conversion tiles to give ice arenas the opportunity to have non-ice events without people getting cold.  They can also turn their ice making machines down and save energy because of this manufacturing process. 

Ice conversion and turf protection tiles do not need any special preparation before fitting the system. They can be laid directly on the grass or ice very simply, with a small crew because of their strategically designed panel size, light weight and fitting design. They are easily lifted and cleaned after use.  Most of the ice conversion tile systems Corplex has produced for Terraplas are used many times each year and many have been in service for 18+ years without damage or the need to replace tiles – a real example of products that stand the test of time and performance.

 The result

The business relationship between Terraplas and Corplex (previously DS Smith), has been established for around 20 years, with regular orders each year that are supplied to sports venues around the world for their special event use.  Long may this continue!

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