Energy-Efficient Polycarbonate Panels Installed on Round-Shape Building in France

AkyVer energy-efficient polycarbonate panels bring natural lighting into buildings. With thickness up to 50mm, AkyVer energy-efficient panels are well suited to create large types of architectural structures.

One of the largest Theme Park in North East France based in Ungersheim, Alsace, has requested a solution to create a round shape building with translucent panels to allow for natural light transmission to the building, without creating a visible profile.

AkyVer energy-efficient panels were selected for this application and Corplex was able to design customized polycarbonate connectors to fix the panels together. The advantage of using polycarbonate connectors for this application allows to create invisible junctions between the panels, thus optimizing the light transmission inside the building while maintaining outside aesthetics.

Corplex is proud to promote the design of aesthetic building projects such as this one. With a dedicated team of sales, technical and after sales specialists, Corplex is the leading manufacturer of cellular energy-efficient polycarbonate panels and systems in France for more than 40 years.

Learn more: https://www.corplex.com/akyver