Extruded Polypropylene Layer Pads, an Economical Solution for Protecting Fragile Goods While in Transit

Corplex layer pads are known for their durability, reusability, lightweight, and flat-smooth surface. These properties make them a reliable and economical alternative for the safe transportation of glass bottles and other fragile products.

The logistics involved in transporting fragile products stacked in more than one layer make Corplex layer pads a good fit for the job. The wastage of transporting fragile products is mostly due to packaging breakage and Corplex layer-pads can drastically reduce these stats.

In search of logistics and transportation efficiencies, these products are mostly stored in short vertical stacks making them vulnerable to sliding from its original position and breaking, spilling, and/or scratching their surface. Due to the above, protection and separation of the cargo are necessary to avoid wastage.

Extruded polypropylene layer pads by Corplex, are an economical option fit for this job. Used in a variety of markets, these layer pads can keep layers of products in place without sliding, thus reducing the risk of product wastage during transit.

In addition to protection and reduction of product waste, extruded polypropylene layer pads are lighter than traditional corrugated single-use dividers and able to reduce the costs associated with logistics and transportation.

Lastly, extruded polypropylene layer-pads by Corplex, are reusable with an average useful life of four years and are fully recyclable. For more information about this product please visit our webpage at