Corplex Develops Extruded Polypropylene Hygienic Workplace Dividers

In response to new workplace protection requirements driven by the COVID-19 Pandemic, Corplex has developed and is making available four hygienic, economical, and easy to install workplace dividers.

Made of extruded polypropylene plastics, Corplex dividers are designed to prevent the transmission of pathogens and bacteria between employees in a work environment. These dividers offer high protection to workers, helping implement social distancing measures in the workplace and maintaining optimal levels of hygiene thanks to their washable surface, which can be rinsed with water and soap and/or cleaned with a disinfectant solution

 Corplex COVID-19 protection offer includes:

  • Desktop divider – Sits on top of the desk. Suitable for workspaces where employees are sitting next to each other.
  • Half-way divider – Sits on the floor. The advantage is that it maximizes desk space while offering high protection for people working in close proximity to one another.
  •  Floor dividerSits on the floor. Suitable to protect workers who are not sitting down at work, such as in-line manufacturers or staff at logistics centers. It also works well on high desks (i.e. – design tables) or counters.
  •  Elephant Desktop divider – Sits on top of the desk. It´s a fun design, easy to mount, and highly portable. It´s most suitable for Meeting Room Tables.

Features & Benefits

 For more information email us at louis.patruno@corplex.com