Corplex add polycarbonate panels to their ‘Protection in Workplace’ line of products

Corplex has developed new solutions in AkyVer® polycarbonate panels to further assist companies with the implementation of social distancing and other protection measures in the workplace.

These economical, hygienic, washable and easy to install polycarbonate partitions and dividers are an optimum solution to assure the right social distancing in the workplace

AkyVer® polycarbonate dividers are thicker than cardboard dividers, ideal when bigger wall partitions are needed. The AkyVer panels are translucent allowing good light transmission and good comfort at one’s workplace.

They are available in different configurations and applications:

 For the industrial workplaces, there are two options available:

  1. Mobile cladding unit on wheels. This model can stay in any place or moved to a different area as needed.
  2.  Fixed with no wheels. This model was designed as a standing wall-partition for creating area separations without compromising light transmission.

For offices, schools, or retailers: These are lightweight dividers/partitions that can allow physical distancing between workers, children, and customers.