The AkyPak® Advanced Returnable Container can Provide 70% Reduction in Return Logistic Costs and CO2 Emissions

Foldability on Corplex AkyPak returnable transit packaging is as critical as durability and reusability.

Too often returnable rigid packaging is non-foldable, thus requiring the same amount of space when full as when they are returned empty. Although rigidity and durability are important to procure a return in the investment of returnable packaging, foldability is required to reduce returnable logistics costs with less loading space, fewer trucks required and lowering corresponding C02 emissions.

Corplex, previously DS Smith Plastics, has a solution to optimize space in return transit and provide more savings to the manufacturer. The AkyPak Advanced™ is the ideal returnable sleeve pack container because of its lightweight, durability and total foldability providing up to 70% savings in space and transportation on return logistics.

AkyPak Advanced is a returnable transit container made of polypropylene plastic. The container comes with a smooth-surface plastic sleeve cover that can be custom-printed for company logos and other labels to be visibly printed on the container.

The returnable sleeve pack container comes with a thermoformed lid and pallet, which keep the container together and provide extra safety to transported products and returned components. The lid and pallet lock together, providing a great place for the easily collapsible sleeve to rest in when empty. The foldable container is then easily stacked and nested together when returning from one stop on the supply chain to another.

Another advantage is that the sleeve can include internal divers which are foldable in the same pack. Plastic or textile dividers are customized to the specific needs of the project and the customer. They are usually adapted to the transported parts and guarantee space optimization. AkyPak Advanced with internal dividers ensures maximum protection of even a very delicate part to transport. It allows the pack set to be folded together with the dividers when returned empty, saving space and providing convenience when reused.

Along with savings in return transit logistics, the AkyPak Advanced returnable container comes with many other advantages. The sleeves are fully customizable in size and thickness, so it can be modified to carry and protect any products, from mechanical parts to electronics. This customizability also allows it to be utilized with other solutions, as it can be designed to be able to stack and lock together with other packaging formats and sizes while in transit.

When it comes to returnable transit containers, the advantages of the AkyPak Advanced reusable container speak for themselves.

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