Summit Foundation and AkyPrint 3R at the Top of Swiss Ski Resorts

Summit Foundation, a non-profit environmental organization, contracted Corplex France in search of a printing material that could be recycled, reground and reused for their Swiss Resort Ad Campaigns.

Ad campaigns offer the ideal opportunity to reduce waste by using materials that can be collected, recycled, reground and reused for future campaigns or new products.

To support the environmental efforts of the Summit Foundation, Corplex France proposed the use of AkyPrint® 3R polypropylene printing material, which features an internal core made from recycled plastic. “3R” stands for Return, Regrind, and Reuse. Corplex understands the high volume of waste generated by printed advertising campaigns and is advancing in its commitment to the environment by offering the collection and recycling of AkyPrint 3R materials at the end of the campaign.

The entire line of polypropylene printing materials comes standard with UV treatment and they are light, durable, water-resistant and suitable for digital and silkscreen printing. Additionally, the sheets can be cut and folded for maximum design capabilities. The most popular applications include trade show and POS displays, indoor and outdoor signs and stands.

Corplex France is pleased to be able to work in collaboration with various partners including its Distributor ANTALIS SA and commercial printer Collaud & Criblet that made this project possible. They are also delighted to have the opportunity to contract with the Summit Foundation in Switzerland, an organization dedicated to the reduction of the environmental impact of human activities in high-traffic areas.

For more information about the Summit Foundation visit their website at www.summit.ngo

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