AkyPlen® Easy to Print and Water Resistant Polypropylene Sheets used as markers to Label Horticultural Products

Corplex is a leading manufacturer of AkyPlen® flexible polypropylene sheets that are used as horticulture markers for potted plants or for labeling your garden.

Akyplen® is a very flexible and easy to print on material, making it easy to use for any horticultural label. It is water-resistant and recyclable, making it a strong substitute for traditional garden labels such as wooden sticks. Polypropylene sheets are also completely recyclable and reusable for multiple projects, cutting down on environmental and cost constraints.

Akyplen polypropylene sheets are versatile and thus highly customizable, coming in various shapes, sizes, or colors to fit the needs in any corner of the horticulture market. The Akyplen polypropylene sheets also come in a variety of finishes, such as the life-stop or rigid finish. The life-stop finish has opaque qualities allowing for double-side printing, ideal for the labeling of flowers or small garden fruits such as tomato.

The finished product is made of a special polypropylene composition which makes it highly durable and recyclable, different from competing printing material such as Polystyrene and PVC. Furthermore, Akyplen polypropylene yields excellent printing results and is stiffer than other materials, making it easy to push into plant pots.