Redefining Steel Frame Returnable Containers

Retooling existing steel-frame containers, a lighter and economical solution with great returns on investment.

As leading manufacturer of Foldable Plastics Bulk Containers, Dunnage and Dividers, Extruded Products has years of experience in designing (returnable or) transit packaging that can deliver efficiencies in material handling and overall supply chain. Not surprisingly, the business is helping customers to retrofit steel frames/containers by applying some of the benefits offered in lighter and more flexible solutions.

Although heavy, steel frames and containers offer the ultimate protection to goods transported throughout manufacturer’s supply chains. Their rigidity, when combined with the lightweight and flexibles properties of polypropylene sheets and PVC textile, redefines their role and efficiencies in the shop floor.

A good example is a retrofitted steel container for transporting auto parts, whose weight was trimmed from 240 Kg to 60 kilograms while meeting strict safety and logistic requirements.

The innovative design consisted of the addition of front and back access doors made of PVC textile; and sliding drawers and side walls, made of AkyLux polypropylene sheets. The PVC textile doors and polypropylene side-walls and drawers are extremely lightweight, durable and a great combination to drastically lower the overall weight of the container and provide easy access to operators that improved loading and un-loading material handling efficiencies.

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