Akyver™ Polycarbonate Building Systems Offer the Construction Industry an Application with High Thermal Insulation and Easy Installation

Polycarbonate building systems are energy efficient and cost-effective solutions for different applications in construction projects.

Corplex offers a variety of easy to handle, long-lasting polycarbonate sheets for the construction industry in their Akyver™ building systems line. Akyver is ideal for projects looking for a high performance, lightweight cladding, multiwall or roofing system in a construction project. These building systems are known for their thermal insulation which allows sites with Akyver polycarbonate sheets to maintain a comfortable temperature while using less energy.

Akyver systems are ideal because they come in a wide variety of translucent solutions that can save energy for customers while enhancing light transmission.

Akyver polycarbonate building systems come in three main subcategories, each with their own unique advantages in different building structures:

  • Akyver™ Sun Type Sheets—Offered in a range of multiwall offerings, Akyver Sun Type Sheets are available in sizes ranging from 4 to 50 mm thicknesses. These sheets offer thermal insulation, allow cold bending, and have a high impact resistance. These are great for interior and exterior structures like false walls, ceilings, paneling or cladding for anything from industrial to sports buildings.
  • Akyver™ Panel Clip-On Systems—Ideal for new cladding, sheds and renovations in industrial and tertiary architectural projects, clip-on panels have high transparency properties to allow a lot of natural light. This will keep a lower carbon-footprint for businesses looking for a more energy-efficient option. Akyver Panel Clip-On Systems also come in a range of aluminum profiles and accessories for easy and cost-effective installation.
  • Akyver Connect® Systems—A system designed for cladding and roofing, the easy installation of Akyver Connect makes it a great application in sport halls, schools or industrial offices. It comes in a range of thicknesses from 16 to 40mm and in different aluminum profiles and accessories. The fast and easy fitting makes it a great look for any project.

Akyver Building Systems are ideal in several applications due to their cost-effective and energy-efficient advantages that have made them a fixture in the construction industry.

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