When in the Market for Twin Wall Extruded Polypropylene Plastics Sheets, Choose the Original Brands AkyLux® and Correx® By Corplex

Corplex is the sole manufacturer of the original brands Correx and AkyLux which have become synonymous with high-quality corrugated twin wall polypropylene sheets.

Did you know that Corplex is the owner and only official manufacturer of the AkyLux and Correx brands? The Correx and AkyLux brands have gained a stand-in market reputation as the highest quality standard for corrugated polypropylene sheets. At the same time, competitors have cemented this reputation by using the Correx and AkyLux brand names to describe the quality-like properties of their own brands of polypropylene sheets.

The superior quality associated with the AkyLux and Correx brands can be associated to Corplex’ manufacturing process control which assures that all sheets are manufactured under the same quality standards throughout all their facilities in Europe and the United States. Additionally, they offer customers the same level of service and flexibility in the design from all our operations.

Known as ‘engineered plastics’, corrugated twin wall polypropylene sheets consist of two flat sheets connected by parallel ribs or fluted structure of the same material. They are weatherproof and water-resistant, making them a fine material for a host of applications and markets.

Corplex’ Correx and AkyLux corrugated polypropylene sheets can be easily converted into lightweight, durable and returnable packaging with long life-cycles for various industries. Many of the advantages of the AkyLux and Correx solutions include being reusable, hygienic, non-toxic and 100% recyclable.

When in the market for twin wall polypropylene sheets, be sure to choose the original AkyLux and Correx brands by Corplex.

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