Twin-Wall Polypropylene Returnable Packaging is the Right Solution when Watertight and Water-Resistance is Key to Safely Transporting Goods

Hermetic packaging made of polypropylene plastic sheets is popular because of its tight seals, durability and lightweight properties

Dealing with water is one of the biggest challenges faced by experts in packaging and transportation, whether needing to keep water outside or inside a packaging  solution. Watertight packaging is ideal for keeping liquids inside a container when needed to secure freshness of a product. 

Extruded Products offers a watertight reusable packaging system made of AkyLux® polypropylene sheets that keep water-dependant products safe and fresh while in transit. These watertight solutions are broadly used for distributing seafood products as they are typically carried under ice while preserving freshness. The insulating and water-resistant properties of AkyLux® make polypropylene packaging capable of containing the water as the ice melts, while keeping outside contaminants from penetrating the container.

AkyLux® polypropylene sheets permit a variety of other hermetic solutions depending on customer requirements.  

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