Due to its Efficient Design, Rigidity and Resistance, Extruded Polypropylene Sheets are the Optimal Solution for Packaging and Transporting Steel Coils

Steel coils are an integral part in the manufacturing of automobile parts and other mechanical fixtures. Often these are transported by companies using multi-material packaging solutions, which can be a lengthy process in just creating the packaging, it makes the load heavier and require more hands to properly package the coils.

Extruded Products’ Hurbanovo offers steel coil manufacturers a flexible coextruded polypropylene sheet with volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) which is a lightweight, durable and efficient protective packaging as an alternative to traditional multi-material packaging for steel coils. Extruded Products’ AkyLux™  material with VCI not only provides the required protection during transport, but improves safety and provides labour efficiencies to the process of packaging steel coils. Furthermore, the material treated with VCI, prevents steel coils from corrosion during transit.

While using  AkyLux™ coextruded polypropylene sheets with VCI, steel coil packaging is converted into a simple process as steel coils can just roll along, making it easy to pack and unpack coiled-steel without assistance.

Along with its faster packaging process, this packaging solution provides space efficiencies allowing more coils to be stacked together thus requiring less trucks in transport. These efficiencies add reductions in logistics and transportation costs.

After its use, the solution is 100% recyclable and comes with a buyback option for the plastic after its useful lifecycle. This can create more company savings, while also improving environmental benefits.

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