Weather Resistant Polypropylene Plastic Sheets for Horticulture Protection Units

Due to its weather resistance and versatility, extruded polypropylene sheets are an ideal material for the protection and preservation of trees.

Weather resistant AkyLux® polypropylene sheets are an adaptable material that are used for a variety of different applications and markets. Their strength-to-weight and strength-to stiffness ratios makes them a great choice to preserve and protect plants and trees from potential hazards. They protect trees against animals and strong forces that could potentially knock down any plant.

AkyLux polypropylene sheets are delivered flat, and are easy to install on trees. This tree protection is required on most trees until they are fully grown and able to stand alone. AkyLux polypropylene sheets can also be used for weed repression to keep weeds from damaging plants and trees, keeping them even safer from harm.

AkyLux polypropylene sheets have a long lifecycle, and a single sheet can provide the required protection to any forestry, vineyards, fruit tree orchards until it is grown enough to stand on its own.

AkyLux polypropylene sheets are known for its durability, lightweight and recyclability at the end of its useful life. Extruded Products also offers polypropylene sheets with UV protection to make the AkyLux polypropylene more durable against the sunlight and allow the sheets to stay stronger for longer.   

Although known as the preferred recyclable material to manufacture returnable transit packaging, AkyLux can be easily recycled and reused later to produce different solutions.

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