French Rail Station renovates building with AkyVer® Polycarbonate Multi-Wall Panel Systems

Extruded Products has recently closed a deal with a French railway station to renovate their building using AkyVer Connect® polycarbonate panel systems. AkyVer® is the ideal product for this type of application because it offers easy handling and installation on the construction site, excellent thermal insulation, and superior light transmission.

AkyVer polycarbonate multi-wall roofing and cladding panel systems are lightweight and energy-efficient. They have cold bending capacity and are impact resistant.

AkyVer Polycarbonate Connecting systems are ideal for new roofing or cladding and for all types of architectural renovation projects. Applications include roofing of sports halls, schools, offices, industrial shops, warehouses, and more. Extruded Products' complete range of aluminum profiles and accessories allows fast and professional fitting.

With this deal, Extruded Products will be supplying 6000m² of AkyVer Connect polycarbonate multi-wall panel systems with regular deliveries that began in 2017 and will end in March 2018. Despite high competition for the project, Corplex was selected due to our proactivity, reliability, product quality, and service.