Corplex Recycling

Corplex Recycling is part of Corplex group, offering the collection and treatment of many plastics wastes. Corplex Recycling has been acquired in January 2020, thus completing Corplex' portfolio as producer and converter and now recycler of plastics durable solutions.

Composed of 2 sites located in  the North East of France, Corplex Recycling specializes in different plastics recycling activities since 1977, such as shredding, pelletizing, densification and compounding.

Materials recycled include :

  • PE (Polyethylene)
  • PP (Polypropylene)
  • PS (Polystyrene)
  • PC (Polycarbonate)

CORPLEX RECYCLING processes more than 10.000 tonnes per year at its two production sites in Alsace at Muhlbach sur Bruche and Lutzelhouse. The company is strong in several technologies including pre-processing and transformation of thermoplastics, as well as the production of custom compounds.

Through its activities, CORPLEX RECYCLING has built a strong image of itself among other plastics processing companies.

CORPLEX RECYCLING has a laboratory equipped, in particular with a mini extruder, a wrapping machine and a mini injection molding machine, enabling a whole series of quality tests to be carried out, whatever the stage of the process, while ensuring compliance. and the quality required by its customers.

Thus, each container of granules produced is sampled to undergo tests that ensure the quality of the granules. In particular, the MFI (Fluidity), density, charge rate, bulk density, volatile content are tested. ...

All in all, thanks to its Collect and Recycling services, Corplex group is now able master the whole plastics supply chain from cradle to cradle, to take products back at the end of their usefull lifetime and to recycle them. From wastes to new plastics compounds, Corplex Recycling resin meets the quality requirements to be introduced into new production processes. 

Committed into sustainable use of Plastics, Corplex’ offers meets circular economy with light-weight, high-quality and re-usable products and systems designed to be efficient and to be used in continuous cycles without losing their integrity or quality.